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For almost seven centuries that the Ducal Castle of Corigliano dominates the southern entrance of the plain of Sybaris, of what was once the most famous and fertile plain of Ancient Greece. In stratified overlap of its stones you can read the succession of occupants , changes in taste, slow to evolve from a purely military function to a residential , think always to the lords of the place.
The restoration project of the castle set itself the primary objective is to make the stones speak , let them tell their own story : a work of mending and underscore that did not want to circumvent the fundamental purpose of each restoration , reuse . The presence still alive echo of his last owners : the furniture , frescoes, some areas in a good state of preservation - as the Hall of Mirrors, the Dining Room , the Chapel of St. Augustine, the XIX Century Kitchens - have suggested a moderate pace in the re-use, so as not to break the aura of living . A museum then, but also a place where citizens of Sybaris can recognize and live a comfortable relationship with their memory and their own culture. In this respect, the intervention we wanted to emphasize the importance of the extraordinary scenery , the look that ranges from the Castle on the plain of Sybaris, rich in history and not without mystery.
Memory , look, lived experience , re-appropriation : these symbolic tools have addressed the design strategy .
The Library of Magna Grecia, the Museum of Image ( Archive Sanseverino , Saluzzo, companion ) , the Museums, the functional recovery of some environments , such as the Hall of Mirrors and the Kitchen , a store selling local products and refreshment - book shoop , spaces for exhibitions , outdoor spaces for shows, conference rooms, the ability to officiate at weddings , both religious and secular , are the concrete results . The horizon, the top and bottom have instead suggested some special solutions , such as binoculars focused on the Plain of Sybaris and able , thanks to a computer, to travel in space and time, or the telescope on top of the male that , driven by software , will provide the sky today and that of 510 BC, the date of destruction of the ancient Sybaris.
In the passage of the deepest underground , a voice will read the text of the gold foils of Turi , testimonials probably related to the Eleusinian mysteries , the most direct of the Greek belief in the afterlife . When not presenting the conditions for a complete restoration , it was decided to point out clearly, but discreetly , any intervention , where possible using local craftsmen and materials traced to geometric elements , so as to highlight the capabilities of the proposed solutions in tune with new uses and the need to link up with safety standards and systems simultaneously . The warm tones and muted , the use of wood , want to accentuate the sense of livability and comfort of the whole.

 Mario Candido , Leonardo Scarcella , Joseph Emery .

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